The Cholesterol Problem

  • High Cholesterol is the major risk factor for Cardiovascular Disease causing heart attacks, sudden cardiac death, heart failure, stroke and peripheral arterial disease (diminished leg circulation)
  • There are more deaths due to cardiovascular disease than the number of combined deaths due to: cancer, infectious diseases, pneumonias, influenza, AIDS, accidents and suicides (
  • In the United States one person dies every 34 seconds from Cardiovascular Disease. About 1 million deaths per year
  • From the American Heart Association's 2006 data:
    Ninety eight million six hundred thousand (98,600,000) of the American Adult population over 20 years of age have high cholesterol
    Females: Fifty three million (53,000,000)
    Males: Forty five million (45,000,000)
  • 45% of the adult population have high cholesterol
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