About Us

We are dedicated to help the consumer who has no relief from the ever increasing prices of pharmaceutical drugs and at the same time afraid of serious side effects. The behavior of the pharmaceutical industry in this country has become intolerable. On the one hand they are making unprecedented profits on the other they have consistently failed to uphold the principal of first do no harm. The number of ineffective or dangerous drugs continues to increase.

Patients report increasing incidents of adverse effects from pharmaceutical drugs. According to published research the average drug insert lists 70 possible side effects, some drugs list hundreds of side effects. Millions of patients taking cholesterol drugs (statins) are experiencing side effects, some very serious like Type 2 Diabetes, mental confusion, muscle weakness and sometimes muscle damage causing kidney failure.

The founder of Real Natural Remedies, M. Hafeez Chaudhry, M.D., F.A.C.P. has practiced cardiovascular medicine for 36 years. He consults with his colleagues and scientific literature during formulation of each product. These products are based on science, supported by research and manufactured in the USA.